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As a former collegiate baseball player, I’ve always been in the center of the action and anticipating the next play or movement. When my playing days ended the transition to sports photography was natural. I have since spent many years capturing professional and collegiate baseball, football, basketball, golf, ice hockey, auto racing, beach volleyball, tennis and more. Along the way I have worked in photo pits with some of the greatest sports photographers in the world and studied their work in print. To this day, shooting sports is my first love and I remain an avid sport shooter with my work appearing on the pages of Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, The Sporting News, Press Box and many other local and national publications.


As my photography work evolved, I began shooting landscapes, travel and wildlife. The active, outdoors lifestyle aesthetic has always appealed to me and is a significant focus of my work. Over the years I have been fortunate to study with world renown photographer Art Wolfe learning many of the nuances that have defined his work for more than forty years. My studies and various projects have taken me to unique locations around the world including Tanzania, Alaska, Cuba, Zambia, Italy, Croatia, France, Monaco and Spain to name a few. My goal from a lifestyle photography perspective is to document the world and its people in a respectful, personable fashion that celebrates both our similarities and differences. Within the field of wildlife photography, my aim is to capture compelling images that illustrate the beauty of animals large and small and the need to appreciate and preserve their environments for generations to come.


I invite you to join me on my photographic journey as a viewer or as a collaborator to assist you in conveying your product message through the use of visual storytelling.

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